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January, 2015

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Home birth or no home birth?

By On January 13, 2015

For the record I’m not even pregnant yet, but as I feel surrounded by pregnancies and births right now I definitely have babies on the brain and keep thinking about future baby… Read More


Why EVERY woman should do a PINUP photo shoot

By On January 5, 2015

So I was reading this boudoir photography article in Playboy of all places (a photography client had shared it on my Facebook, no idea how she found it) but it pretty much accurately… Read More

Superhero Themed Cake
Mom In Ottawa

Planning Baby’s First Birthday Party

By On January 4, 2015

So I’ve begun planning X’s first birthday party- I’m really excited! I’ve decided to go with a superhero theme- where X is the superhero! The colours will be superman colours (because I… Read More


How to Host Baby’s First New Years Party

By On January 2, 2015

We spent New Year’s Eve back in Toronto where X was born nearly one year ago, so I wasn’t able to host a party but I did attend a baby New Year’s… Read More