How to Host Baby’s First New Years Party

By January 2, 2015 Advice, Mom In Ottawa

We spent New Year’s Eve back in Toronto where X was born nearly one year ago, so I wasn’t able to host a party but I did attend a baby New Year’s daytime party hosted by one of the fellow new-mommies from our prenatal class. It was AMAZING and elegantly crafted-here’s:

How-To Host a perfect daytime

Baby’s First New Years Party


  • Either a Facebook Event, email blast or
  • Evite ( will suffice- no need to get super fancy


  • 11-1pm
    • This will be perfect as it’s in between nap times
    • You can do a Countdown to a Ball Drop for noon

Ball Drop:

  • What you Need:
    • A blanket, large scarf, net, etc.
    • Ballons blown up with air (not helium, so they’ll drop to the floor)
    • Something to fasten them to the ceiling(like push pins), and if you’re fancy perhaps a string or rope release


  • Pureed fruits and veggies for the babies
    • A tray or bowls for maybe 2-3 flavours
    • Little plastic cups and spoons from the dollar store work to feed
  • Sandwiches for the adults
    • fast, easy finger food you can eat while holding/chasing your little one
  • Bite sized treats for both
    • animal crackers
    • one-bite brownies or mini-cupcakes
    • mini-cookies
  • Champagne
    • a treat for the grown-ups
    • only one bottle as they’ll all have 1/2 a glass


  • Lay out a bunch of your little one’s toys to share
  • The balloons will be fun for babies to explore
  • Take out any excersaucers you might have for smaller babies to play in
  • Either kid-friendly music or, if you have some bigger kids coming a fun show/movie most kids adore like Yo Gabba Gabba or Frozen

And that’s it! The woman who hosted the one we attended laid out a huge delicious spread…a lunch time feast really…but while that was amazing, I’m sure it caused more stress. If I host one next year I will likely keep it simple…especially as just over three weeks I have a big two year old birthday to plan!

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